The image shows a pair of hands holding a mobile phone in the air at a gig recording the action on the stage. The hands are in shadow but the lights from the stage or yellow, pink, orange and red.
Photo by Noiseporn on Unsplash

If you make content, staying in touch with the latest research on audience behaviour and media habits is essential. But our latest research tells us that you’re all really busy. You’re bombarded with too much information and just need someone to show you where all the good stuff is really quickly.

This is Attention Matters, a newsletter about audience behaviour. Our mission is to help your content get the attention it deserves.

We’re building a community of content producers who are obsessed with understanding audience behaviour and generous in sharing their knowledge.

Each week we’ll share audience insights from the Storythings research team. We’ll also save you the trouble of reading all the latest reports by doing that for you. We’ll mine them for the most helpful information and summarise them using a variety of formats.

We’ll begin by publishing this newsletter once a week, every Wednesday.

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